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Play-Based Therapy for CBRS Children

Golden Little Stars' Collaborative Approach

Golden Little Stars has a focus on play-based therapy to promote child development and well-being for children in the CBRS program. We have a team of play therapists that work with the child care providers to ensure that the children are receiving the necessary support and therapy to reach their full potential. Golden Little Star Child Care therapists work with the CDSA to ensure that the children in their care are receiving the appropriate support and therapy.

Serving Cabarrus & Rowan Counties!

CDSA Services

Community Based Rehabilitation 

CBRS is a type of service that provides individualized training and support to children with developmental disabilities or delays. These services may include activities that help the child to develop social skills, daily living skills, communication skills, and other skills that are necessary for daily functioning. CBRS may be provided by trained therapists, behavioral specialists, or other professionals

Psychological Services

CDSA may provide psychological services to children who need assessment, evaluation, and treatment for mental health issues, such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, or behavioral problems. These services may include individual therapy, group therapy, play therapy, and parent-child therapy. Psychologists and licensed therapists may provide these services.

Family Counseling Services

CDSA may provide family counseling services to families who are experiencing conflict or stress related to their child's special needs. Family counseling may help families to improve communication, resolve conflicts, & build stronger relationships. Family counseling  may be provided by licensed therapists or counselors who specialize in working with families of children with special needs.

Family Education

CDSA provides family education for caregivers of special needs children. They offer classes, workshops, and support groups focusing on behavior management, communication strategies, and navigating healthcare systems. These resources aim to assist parents and caregivers in effectively addressing the challenges of raising a child with a disability.

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