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Interpersonal Violence / Toxic Stress

 Young Woman Contemplating

IPV Case Management Services

This service covers a set of activities that aim to support an individual in addressing sequelae of an abusive relationships.  Some of those activities are listed below. To find out all of the included services offered please contact your Medicaid Care Manager.

▶ Assistance with transition-related needs, including activities such as obtaining a new phone number, updating mailing addresses, school arrangements to minimize disruption of school schedule

▶ Linkages to child care and after-school programs and community engagement activities

▶ Linkages to community-based social service and mental health agencies with IPV experience, including trauma-informed mental health services for family members affected by domestic violence, including witnessing domestic violence

Referral to legal support to address needs such as obtaining orders of protection, negotiating child custody agreements, or removing legal barriers to obtaining new housing (excluding legal representation)

Violence Intervention Services

This service covers the delivery of services to support individuals who are at risk for being involved in community violence (i.e., violence that does not occur in a family context).

Evidence-Based Parenting Classes

Evidence-based parenting curricula are meant to provide:

Group and one-on-one instruction from a trained facilitator     

Written and audiovisual materials to support learning

Additional services to promote attendance and focus during classes

Home Visiting Services

Home Visiting services are meant to provide:

✔ One-one observation, instruction and support from a trained case manager who may be a licensed clinician

✔ Written and/or audiovisual materials to support learning

▶ Dyadic Therapy Services

This service covers the delivery of dyadic therapy to benefit a child/adolescent at risk for or with anattachment disorder, a behavioral or conduct disorder, a mood disorder, an obsessive-compulsivedisorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, or as a diagnostic tool to assess for the presence of thesedisorders.

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